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In July of 2001 my family and I embarked on a yearlong trip across America in a RV. We lived “The Family Dream”. In the beginning it seemed presumptuous to call it “Our Family Dream”, except that, repeatedly, as we shared our adventures with others they invariably responded, “Oh, we’ve always dreamed of doing something like that!” Sadly, in this day and age it usually remains a dream. We were abundantly blessed to make our dream come true and we want to encourage others to do the same.

I am a homeschooling mother of three children. I also played “Blair” for nine years on the NBC television series, “The Facts of Life”, but I gave that up to be a stay-at-home mom. Who knew I would want to give that up to be an on-the-road mom? My husband, Steve, took a sabbatical from pastoring and loaded up his laptop, modem, fax, phone, wife and kids, (not necessarily in that order), and continued his work as a meeting planner for our church’s denomination.

Our goal was to “salt the oats” of our children’s education by taking them to visit the places they normally would only have a chance to read about, memorize the dates and forget again over summer vacation. We wanted to encourage them to ask, “How’d they do that?” and then find the answer by going on a factory tour. We lived in Los Angeles where if you go into a bookstore and ask for a star chart you’ll get a “Map of the Stars’ Homes.” We wanted our children to be able to experience nature beyond a sleeping bag on the trampoline in the backyard.

I spent most every Friday of the trip as a workday. I appeared on local television morning shows, drive-time radio programs and in-store book signings to promote “Creative Correction” and the release of my new book, “The Facts of Life and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me.” The weekends were set aside for speaking at various churches and city-wide outreach programs.

Because we understand that this dream cannot become a reality for many families, we wanted to invite as many folks as we could to join us on our adventure through my website. I uploaded pictures and journal entries daily for anyone interested in joining me at “Coffee Talk.” We went on the Crayola factory tour where a classic box of 64 with the built-in sharpener is assembled in a matter of minutes. We drove through the New England fall colors. And we stood in awe together at the foot of Mount Rushmore.

Since you couldn’t join us on the road, hop on the information super-highway, as Steve, Tucker, Haven, Clancy and I set out to discover America, and more importantly, discover each other




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