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Steve and I were tempted to give up our dream when we were unable to procure a loan to buy a used RV we had found on the Internet. That's when God stepped in.

Steve and I had fallen in love with their Allegro Bus at an RV rally we had attended. We kept the brochure just to drool over. We knew we couldn't afford a brand-new motorhome. On an impulse, I picked up the phone and called Tiffin Motorhomes in Red Bay, Alabama.

I had heard that the president of the company was a Christian, so when I called that afternoon, I asked if he was in the office. When Mr. Tiffin got on the line, he was as nice as nice could be. I told him about the trip we wanted to take and asked if he would be willing to rent the Allegro Bus to us for the year in exchange for the promotion and publicity we could provide. I understood that companies wouldn't normally consider this kind of request, but I thought I would ask, just in case. He asked me to fax over a proposal telling him a little more about our goals and plans and said that he would get back to me the next day. So I did.

When I talked with Mr. Tiffin the next day, he said, "Lisa, we really believe in what you and your family want to do. It is just the kind of thing our company would like to be a part of. We would love to see more families be able to spend this kind of time together and make these kinds of memories."

Now, this is the part where God really shines. Mr. Tiffin went on to say, "I've talked this over with my wife and sons, and we think you should use the forty-foot coach as opposed to the thirty-seven foot coach you requested. And it would be beneficial to both of us if we could make it two coaches instead of one. That way we could trade it out after six months of accumulated miles. Also, if you can wait a couple of months, our 2002 model will be rolling off the line, and it will have a few more amenities."

God does abundantly more than we could ever ask or think! (Ephesians 3:20).
I was beyond excited, but tried to contain myself until I got off the phone. After thanking him profusely, I asked, "So that we can budget accordingly, how much will we need to set aside to rent this?" He answered, "We've decided that we want to loan this to you for the year. Just mention us a couple of times in your book."

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