Taking Care of the Me in Mommy
What Real Moms Are Saying

“If I had ten thumbs – they’d all be up! There is so much insight and practical ideas inside this book one can read it over and over again and find new ideas every time. Just when I thought it couldn’t be done, you’ve shown me how to get more time out of my hectic days.” ~ Kelly

“Lisa helps tired, burned-out mommies to find easy and fun ways to take care of ourselves so that we can come back to our families refreshed and ready to love them the way God wants us to.” ~ Lesley

“I love the humor. It feels like I am getting advice from an old friend who really knows me! I can’t believe how easily I am finding more time to spend with God and at the same time, improving the care I am giving to my family.” ~ Bethany

“I appreciate ‘bite sized’ pieces. I love being able to choose and implement one or two ideas at a time.” ~ Cindy

“Packed with a loaded picnic basket of tips and ideas to help overworked, overstressed, and overtired mothers.” ~ Amey

“The me in mommy was exhausted and now I feel recharged!” ~ Joi

“The Rest Stops are pure treasure. These are simple ideas that can fit into a busy day. That is what all of those other books are missing.” ~ Hollie

“My whole family thanks you!” ~ Jamie

“After reading this book and implementing a few of the suggestions, I feel like I fell in love with my family and being a Mom all over again!” ~ Michelle

“I feel you have taught me how to put the fuel back in my ‘mommy tank’” ~ Danielle

“I think that so many mothers believe that being ‘martyr mom’ will somehow benefit their family, but for me it has proved to be fruitless and frustrating. Thank you so very much for listening to the voice of God to help the moms who care for His little ones.” ~ Evin

“I am finally taking the time to nourish my spirit and in doing so, it’s not only blessed me, but my family as well.” ~ Holly

“It’s amazing how a few minor adjustments on running a home can save you so much time!” ~ Wade

“I plan to read it often and use the Rest Stops until my children are in college!” ~ Sondra

“Thanks to Lisa’s practical tips on prayer, I have been able to expand my prayer time throughout the day!” ~ Candace

“I have realized that I do not need to be perfect to be happy. I have also been reminded how true it is that having our Heavenly Father as #1 in our lives makes all the difference.” ~ Ivonne

“It is amazingly freeing to finally have permission to take care of myself. There is more to motherhood than raising my children. I must also take care of myself and my relationship with Christ.” ~ Rachelle

“This book is filled with tips that even our tight budget can work with. I am feeling more energized and ready to make some positive changes, for ME and ultimately for my family that I love dearly!” ~ Shirley

“As a busy mom, I don’t even have time to think of ways to make my life easier. With the Rest Stops, half the work is done for me. I truly believe this is more than just a helpful book – its life-changing.” ~ Lisa

“By learning to rest and receive, meal times are more enjoyable, playtime is more frequent and family time is a true blessing.” ~ Danielle

“I have been so overwhelmed lately that I am at the point of tears daily. I am cranky with my children and husband and feel tremendous guilt that I can’t do everything I expect myself to do. This book not only lets me know I am not alone, but that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that I can enjoy being a mommy again.” ~ Star

“All of the scripture, personal reflections and ‘rest stops’ Lisa gives are the ‘ingredients’ that I will add each day so my family can enjoy a healthy, hearty serving of ‘mommy.’” ~ Lisa

“Lisa spelled out for me what I was desperately trying to figure out myself - me time!!!” ~ Amy

“We can’t give away what we don’t have. Lisa helped me to have an overflowing tank so that I may have so much more to give to my family than I ever thought possible. Just by implementing a couple of these simple strategies, my life seems so much more organized, simpler, and more balanced. Not only do I now have ways of taking care of ‘me,’ but I’m now able to give more to my family as a result! What an awesome feeling!” ~ Kathy

“I realized that if I make time to nourish myself, I have more energy to praise God, play with my children and still have love left over for my husband at the end of the day. The dishes and laundry were miraculously done too!” ~ Wendy

“A MUST HAVE for moms everywhere! Lisa speaks from experience and relates to you both as a friend and a mentor.” ~ Lisa

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