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Clancy is the baby. We first considered pastels to describe her because she's been so calm from the moment she was born. Our only hesitation was that lavender and sea foam green don't do justice to her sparkling personality. Then Steve thought of fluorescents. Perfect! Crayola introduced the colors "neon carrot," "magic mint," and "razzle dazzle rose" just in time to describe delightful Clancy.

Clancy is a wavy-headed, California-blonde, beauty who is sweet through and through. She wants to be a mom and a fashion designer when she grows up, but only after she has spent a year doing a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with "Youth With A Mission" in Hawaii.

Clancy plays a heart-shaped bass guitar alongside her sister in the student worship band at chruch.  She enjoys cheerleading, gymnastics, riding horses and hanging out with her friends.


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