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Our Last Chat was Wonderful! Thanks for all your help, and I hope that we can do these again on a regular basis. Click Here for the Transcript!
March 13, 2002
We had a blast with Lisa Whelchel and her kids, Tucker, Haven, and Clancy. Click Here for the Transcript!
March, 2001
From the "Facts of Life" to the Family Dream we discussed it all... Read what I had to say... Click Here for the Transcript!
November 17, 2000
From Facts of Life to Home Schooling Mom: TV's Blair Writes Christian Parenting Book.. Read More! Click Here for the Transcript!

The Interviews

Getting To Know Lisa Whelchel
By Jill Bartlett, Crosswalk.com Family Living Editor
Find out what Lisa Whelchel, of "Facts of Life," is now doing!

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