Lisa Whelchel Chat
By Fred Alberti
From the "Facts of Life" to the Family Dream she discussed it all... Read what she had to say...

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fritzpw_admin says, Hello there everyone. We are glad you could make it for our Chat with Lisa Whelchel. Before we get started I would like to introduce our volunteers tonight. Helping on stage we have Teens_Editor, WomensEditor, NewsEditor, AppleHost, Yadah_Host, and JaoniHost. Roaming the Auditorium with the flashlights and making sure there aren't any parked RVs leaking fluids is GeHost and daisyhost.

fritzpw_admin says, And now... she's on the road with her family driving across the United States, hanging out at some Camp Ground and praying for no more stitches in her kids... Lisa Whelchel!

lisa_whelchel says,
Hi! Welcome to the chat! I've been looking forward to this for weeks!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #313 from blairfan:
Lisa, what was your favorite memory of working with the girls from the Facts of Life?

lisa_whelchel says,
My favorite memory would have nothing with working with the girls, . .but working with George Clooney!!??!!

lisa_whelchel says,
Just kidding!

lisa_whelchel says,
I like the broad comedy of the later seasons! My favorite episode was the one where Blair was handcuffed to Jo. Cuz she wouldn't do an editorial for Jo. So Jo hid under the news desk! It was a lot of slapstick and a lot of fun!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #317 from skilling_fretz:
I have heard there is a "Facts of Life movie" planned, will you be in it?

lisa_whelchel says,
Absolutely! We begin filming Sept 10th! Everyone will be there except Nancy McKeon... She is busy filming "The Division" for LifeTime Channel. For those who want to follow the filming on my website. I'll be journaling every night and uploading pictures from the film shoot but not too many to give away the plot! It airs Nov 18th on ABC

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #431 from faith4ver:
Hi Lisa! My name is Amanda. How are you? I really admire you and I'm a BIG fan of yours! I just want to know how you start to get in " show biz". How did you start?

lisa_whelchel says,
I started when my mom signed me up for acting classes when I was 7yrs old! I was very shy. From there I auditioned for the New Mickey Mouse Club and won the role of a new mouseketeer, which brought me to Hollywood.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #332 from thumper:
How is life different now, spiritually, than it was 20 years ago?

lisa_whelchel says,
Mostly I'm more mature. God has proven Himself faithful so many times in my past. The trust is easier. Youthful enticements are no longer an issue.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #330 from wisp:
Lisa, if you had to appear on one of the reality TV shows, which one would you choose?

lisa_whelchel says,
I'm a big fan of Survivor! I'm actually addicted. I'd love to appear on Survivor, but couldn't leave my kids for that long! Even for a million dollars!

fritzpw_admin says, What would be your luxury item?

lisa_whelchel says,
my Bible! The way of Roger!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #339 from skilling_fretz:
Have you kept in contact with all the other girls from the facts of life ... and if you have where are they now?

lisa_whelchel says,
Our paths cross occasionally, but it's similar to High School. We were the very best of friends, but after graduation we all went our separate ways. Kim is doing some directing for Nickelodeon, Mindi is doing European travel. Charlotte travels with a one-woman show - part time in NY. Nancy is filming "The Division".

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #336 from skilling_fretz:
Did you find it difficult to be a Christian when you were in the Hollywood scene?

lisa_whelchel says,
Not really . . .Any difficulty of being a Christian was just because I was a teenager trying to live the Christian life. Being in Hollywood didn't have the temptation that I was interested in. I never felt the need or compulsion to look to drugs or parties or money to find escape or identity. I knew that Jesus loved me. I had nothing from which to try to escape!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #458 from gumby2000:
How did you come to Christ?

lisa_whelchel says,
When I was 10 years old, I wanted an excuse to wear a dress, so my girlfriend and I decided to go to church. They served donuts and orange juice at Sunday School! I went back the next Sunday morning! Eventually, I returned for more than the yummy breakfast. I knew my heart had found its home. When I became a Christian, I was born again in the sense that my life began at that moment. I knew it was to be all about serving the Lord!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #488 from 3girlmommy:
Lisa, tell us about your family. How old are your children, boys? girls? What about your husband?

lisa_whelchel says,
My oldest son, Tucker is 11. Haven, my oldest daughter is almost 10. I can no longer say 9! My youngest daughter, Clancy, is 8! My husband, Steve, still looks 28!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #358 from skilling_fretz:
how are you handing living in a motorhome with 3 kids and a hubby? don't you think you will go nuts?

lisa_whelchel says,
Quite possibly! Even nuts make peanut butter! And that's one of our family's favorites!

fritzpw_admin says, Yummm

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #575 from my3sons_243:
Do you plan on homeschooling all through high school?

lisa_whelchel says,
That's my plan. We love homeschooling! God has been known to come up with a different plan than my own and if that happens I'm sure whatever He decides will be best!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #548 from guest1028:
do you miss acting?

lisa_whelchel says,
If I didn't have children, I'd miss acting! I enjoy going to work and being creative. I enjoy making a lot of money. I enjoy people catering to my every need!


lisa_whelchel says,
but NOTHING compares to being a mom!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #691 from guest1100:

Hi Lisa, do you still get recognized as Blair whenever you go out?

lisa_whelchel says,
If I'm wearing makeup and my hair is not in a ponytail, yes, I do! Even my voice gets recognized over the phone .. say in a catalog sale!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #400 from boobearhost:
How are you enjoying your dream vacation so far?

lisa_whelchel says,
It is better than we dreamed! Every aspect... it's easier than I thought it would be. We're learning more... the kids are getting along better! Steve and I are still happy... it's more comfortable... and tons more fun!!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #693 from peacenpearl:
What special challenges are there in homeschooling "on the road" ?

lisa_whelchel says,
This afternoon, the swimming pool was calling when it was time for Math! So the competition to study is much more intense with all the fun things available to do.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #701 from guest955:

Where in the United States are you looking forward to visiting the most?

lisa_whelchel says,
Washington, DC. The homeschool mom in me has to vote for Washington!!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #453 from wisp:

What inspired you to write Creative Correction.

lisa_whelchel says,
Sheer desperation! My son, Tucker, was diagnosed with ADHD. I didn't need a doctor to tell me that! He was hyperactive... I'd read all parenting books and I was doing all the right things. But, my children were not cooperating. So I had to get creative and parent them each according to their own strengths and weaknesses and realize that the top three parenting techniques are not very effective-- yelling, time outs, and spankings . . . although ..I gave them ALL a good try!

lisa_whelchel smiles

lisa_whelchel says,
So Creative Correction is a book full of ideas when you have no idea what to do! That's where I was when I wrote it.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #779 from joybelle26:
how has being a parent changed your view of the world??

lisa_whelchel says,
Most everything I experienced is not multidimensional because I view it in terms of sharing it with, or teaching it to my kids. I'm much more outward focused now that just looking out for myself!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #326 from wisp:
Lisa, there is a percentage of Christians who claim to be anti-Disney. Considering you were once a Mouseketeer on the Mickey Mouse Club, do you have any thoughts on the Disney Corporation?

lisa_whelchel says,
I understand the concern with Disney and I agree with many of the hesitations some Christians have. But I have a lot of fond memories as a Mouseketeer and now the "Facts of Life" reunion movie is being produced by Disney so I have a lot to be grateful to Disney for.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #327 from wisp:
Lisa, what's been the most challenging for you: being an actress, being a pastor's wife, or being a homeschooling mom?

lisa_whelchel says,
There's no comparison between those three!! Being a mom, home schooling or not, is by far the most challenging!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #718 from guest1163:
Lisa, I really enjoyed your first book and wonder how you manage to find time to write not just one but two books in the past few years? Any great organizational techniques?

lisa_whelchel says,
I happen to have an amazing mother! She's an even more amazing Grandmother. She takes care of the children for me while I write or just need to go to Starbucks by myself!!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #773 from bulimchik:
Warnsie....Was it hard being away from your mom while you worked on the facts of life...were you close to her?

lisa_whelchel says,
It was THE hardest thing being away from my mother and family, but it makes these last 13 years since she's moved to California that much sweeter!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #852 from raccoonlover:
You sound really content being a Christian wife and mother. Any advise on how other women can feel that way?

lisa_whelchel .

lisa_whelchel says,
I think being a Christian wife and mother is one of the highest callings you could have. Many people ask me if it was tough going from a life of show business and fame to being a stay at home mom. Having experienced what many aspire to, as far as success in the world is concerned, I know first hand that there is nothing better than a happy healthy family serving the Lord!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #759 from guest1035:

will you let your children get involved with acting

lisa_whelchel says,

Absolutely NOT!


lisa_whelchel says,
In my opinion, it's a "no win" situation! Either they are very successful as a really young age and not equipped to handle that success. Or they are rejected all day long when after every audition, they are told that they are not good enough or tall enough or pretty enough or whatever excuse for not getting the part. I've spent my life building up their self-esteem. I'm not going to let somebody else tear it down everyday! It's not worth it!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #912 from guest1258:

what curriculum in homeschooling are you using Lisa?

lisa_whelchel says,
I've used a different combination every year! This year to make home schooling easier while on the road, I'm using Kumon Math packets, Daily Grams, along with a writing assignment every day, and then whatever we're studying along the road where we're visiting!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #876 from guest1090:
When is your next book hitting the stands and what is it about?

lisa_whelchel says,
My next book is called "The Facts of Life... and other Lessons My Father Taught Me". It should be in the stores within the next two weeks. It's available for preorder on my website... I will autograph those! The book is a collection of autobiographical stories illustrating how my Heavenly Father has been a very practical Parent in my life. And how He is teaching me everything from whom to marry to how to spend money to how to be a Christian in show business to how to raise children how to diet and everything in between!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #937 from guest1259:
What are some of the "lessons" or blessings that God is showing you lately?

.o(Which do I tell about?)

lisa_whelchel says,
I always need to grow in the area of trusting God. Not taking matters into my own hands. Whether it's in my marriage or as a parent or my writing and ministry. I'm forever releasing those important things to Him. For Him to control instead of being in my tight grasp.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #433 from skilling_fretz:
What has been the lowest point in your life?

lisa_whelchel says,
Having been a Christian since I was a little girl I have been spared much heartache and pain because following God's ways really does bring blessing and protection. None of us are immune from suffering. As a matter of fact we should expect it that's what the Bible says! It's in those times that we often grow the closest to the Lord. That's been the case in my own life. The two lowest points personally have been the years on "The Facts of Life", when I was away from my family and my parents were going through a divorce. I gained a lot of weight. But through that time I learned the habit of daily time with the Lord in prayer and reading my Bible, which has ultimately changed the course of my life in many ways! I'm thankful for that low time!

lisa_whelchel says,
The second lowest time in my life was the first few years of marriage. Going through that hard time ultimately changed my personality in many ways for which I am grateful. I am becoming more of who the Lord wants me to be and less of myself. Persevering through those years has brought a sweet marriage!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #952 from guest1090:
Who is your role model? (By the way you are awesome!)

lisa_whelchel says,
Thanks! My role model is my mother who is the ULTIMATE mother. I want to be a grandmother just like her when I grow up as well.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #546 from guest1078:
Lisa, If you hadn't gone into acting, what career do you think you would have chosen?

lisa_whelchel says,
I enjoy psychology and counseling. I enjoyed school. The many years required to become a doctor would have been fun for me!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #356 from guest968:
What was it like working with George Clooney?

lisa_whelchel says,
George Clooney was a lot of fun to work with! It was like having a big rowdy brother on the set. I had no idea he would turn out so handsome or I would have worn makeup to rehearsal more often.


lisa_whelchel says,
I want the people in the chat room to know that while I am talking to them my husband has folded ALL the laundry and is putting it away!! He is corralling the children, one of whom is stuck in the bathtub washing her dirty feet! He could only do that because the same wonderful husband unclogged the black water tank today!!!


fritzpw_admin applauds fervently.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #329 from wisp:
When Mrs. G was running that candy store, did she keep things in her hair? You know like pens, pencils, spare change, small hand tools, or even pets?

lisa_whelchel says,
Not that I'm aware of! whew ... would have to think about that one!

fritzpw_admin says, I heard she brought out a VW bug once. *smiles*

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #1173 from guest1001:
Will Mackenzie Astin be in the reunion movie?

lisa_whelchel says,
I don't think so and I'm sad about that because I'd love to see him.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #1284 from guest1414:
During your Family Dream trip, will you be able to attend any of the Winter Olympics in Utah?

lisa_whelchel says,
We're trying to avoid winter on this trip! We are traveling in the south during the winter months. You have to remember that we need to put these children outside and lock the door on a daily basis to keep our sanity!

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #1198 from guest1001:
Who is your favorite contemporary Christian singer?

lisa_whelchel says,
Steve Cutis Chapman. I really like his lyrics and it's not just entertainment. I also like his style of music.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #1320 from guest1417:
Are you able to have much fellowship with friends from back home as you travel?

lisa_whelchel says,
We talk on the phone (I have about a million hours on my cell phone plan). Email has been harder than I anticipated. The joke around here is the book I am writing on the trip is called "Finding God in America". The subtitle should be "Finding a modem in America." I have very strong friendships with the ladies from my Mom Time group so we make sure we stay in touch

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #1210 from guest1035:
how do you find time for daily prayer with a family and close quarters?

lisa_whelchel says,
I just turn on a little light over my bed and reach for my Bible. I also try to go for a walk in the morning before the kids wake up. It's easier for me to stay awake if I'm praying out loud. Steve and I are enjoying praying on the long drive down the interstate.

womenseditor says, How did your Mom Time group get started?

lisa_whelchel says,
For the last 10 years I've met with a handful of girlfriends every Friday to play games, and eat! (Two really important elements for survival as a mom of young children.)The refreshing time and the friendships have sustained me through many tough times whether raising my children or marriage or finances or just the stresses of life. That's why I am now putting together a Mom Time starter kit to equip other mothers to begin their own Mom Time groups. If that sounds interesting to any of you moms, you can find out more information on my website.

womenseditor presents the speaker with question #1412 from guest1001:

Did Steve ever watch "The Facts of Life" before he met you?

lisa_whelchel says,
Just a minute .. I'll ask him! Steve says . ."Two times!" I'd like to make another announcement . .

lisa_whelchel says,
I've been cooking pasta during this chat I let it sit in the pot... the whole time... and I believe we're going to have pasta porridge for dinner. (Too late for pizza!)

fritzpw_admin says, Lisa, is there anything you would like to say in closing?

lisa_whelchel says,
Don't let your pasta sit in the hot water when you're on a long phone call! Come back and join me again for another chat and bring your friends... This has been fun!!


fritzpw_admin says, Thanks for coming everyone.



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