The Busy Grandma's Guide to Prayer

Making a Difference That Lasts an Eternity

Probably more than anyone, grandmas know the value of investing time and love in the lives of their children and grandchildren. But sometimes even a grandma’s busy schedule seems to crowd out what her heart wants to do. That’s why Lisa Whelchel teamed up with her mother, the grandmother of her children, to create this guided prayer journal for the busy grandma. The plan is simple:

10 minutes a day * 20 days a month * 120 power-filled prayers

Everyone knows what a difference grandmothers make in the lives of their families. Through prayer, those differences will last for an eternity.

“As Lisa and her mother, Gentry, have made so clear in this helpful guide, my prayers for my family will impact them longer than any of us will live. This book is a great tool for guiding prayer for those we love the most, and prayer is the best thing, sometimes the only thing, and definitely the first thing we can do to make a difference in their lives…eternally.”
Gloria Gaither – Author; Lyricist

“This book is just what I needed! I am a busy grandmother, more often than not, praying ‘on the hoof.’ I am using this book now as a guide for practical, specific, and effective ways to pray for my own grandchildren. I recommend it to any and every grandmother!”
Ruth Graham – Author and Speake

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