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Taking Care of the Me in Mommy

Wouldn’t you love to have an hour to spend time with the Lord, play a game with your kids, talk to your husband, or hang-out with a girlfriend? As moms, we get so busy doing and giving that we don’t take time to rest and receive.

We’ve bought into the world-view that we can “have it all” and then believed the self-talk that “if I don’t do it, it won’t get done.” Isn’t it ironic that at the same time we are feeling more and more driven, we are usually running on empty, or at the very least on exhaust fumes. (You know what I mean – we’re either “exhausted” or “fuming.”) We are worn out trying to do it all. No wonder there is such an epidemic of Mom Burn-out!

Moms give and give but if you never learn to receive then you have nothing left to give. If you won’t take time for yourself then take time for yourself for your family. By filling up your tank regularly you will have the energy to drive your children to all their activities, drive your husband wild with desire, drive back the enemy in prayer, AND drive a hard bargain at the latest Clearance sale. You can’t do any of these things if you are broken down and out of gas on the side of the road.

It is time to recharge and refuel. Does a hot bubble bath with candles sound heavenly to you? Do you desire a quiet dinner out with your husband? Or perhaps you’d love to have a whole day to wait on the Lord, linger in the word and tarry in prayer. Is your idea of a good time snuggling up with a book and some hot tea? Then do it. Receive it! Then return refueled and give to your family out of the overflow.

I know what you’re saying. That all sounds great but where am I going to find the time? By pulling over to the side of the road - this time on purpose. At the end of each brief chapter in this book there will be a “Rest Stop.” This is the point in the journey when you can relax, replenish, refresh, receive, reorganize, rekindle, renew, and any other “re” word you can think of.

Every part of you – body, soul and spirit – needs nourishment and I have packed a whole picnic basket full of practical tips and ideas that I can’t wait to open up and share with you. To me, the “Rest Stops” are the heart of this book. If you discover and implement even a couple of practical ideas that change your life, and subsequently, your family’s, then I will be happy. Remember, taking care of the “me” in Mommy is not selfish - your family’s well-being depends on yours!

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